Monday, December 15, 2008

It is Dec 15th already!!!

This month let alone the whole year is flying by! this was a pretty busy weekend.. Friday morning I called my dentist can't get in til Monday afternoon which is today well any way.. of course I go and he mentions root canal and a cap I said I have no insurance and he said we can pull it want to do it now...NO actually I want to wait 2 weeks so the pain is sooo bad and when I call i can't get in for 2 weeks more...DUH... So he gives me the shot to numb my lips nose tongue and the right side of my mouth...Then disappears for 1/2 hour... When he does show back up 15 minutes and 140 bucks later I am out the door..And my husband says do you want to go get something to eat..yeah right....MEN...Any way to get out of fixing him any thing I said we can go to Capt D's and take it home...Not that I felt like eating, but the thought of trying with a numb face and a gross bloody gauze in my mouth didn't sound like fun and I am sure no body would want to see that! Well any way Saturday was Hank's yearly safety award dinner. They have to attend or don't receive their bonuses. It is at the Elk's club at 11 am.. and NO BOOZE!! I know an Elk's club has to have a bar somewhere! Any we sit and listen to some guy on a video talk about the past year and coming year... Then they hand out the checks each person gets called up and gets theirs.(checks).. We were out of there about 2 pm...We had a nice evening after.. we went to Evansville and went to a few stores and wandered around and went to Texas Roadhouse which was packed we waited and hour for a table but oh well it isn't like we were in a hurry. It was a pretty good supper and the margaritas are soooooo good..Forgot my tooth hurt....Well I am just going on and on and have nothing to say so I am going to close this....Got good pain pills!!!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Murphey's Law strikes again

Ok I think it is Murphey's law..If it can go wrong it will!
First I go to Walmart to pick up a few Christmas presents for the Grandkids. I call my daughter to find out what the 6 year old would like. Well she tells a Hannah Montana doll...I could have swore ( and do ) that she said a Bratz head to do make up and hair.. I wander around looking for the Brat head. Of course they don't have one so I pick out one that has make up..Every 6 year old girl needs a bitch in training oh I mean Bratz doll ! I get home send a pic to my daughter and she replies that is Hannah looks like a Bratz...UGGGHHHH! Any way Alaceya is getting the Bratz doll!. My husband will wrap them later... He does a good job...
Then I am relaxing on the couch with Bogie next to me covered up and Mosie on the back behind me and Kitty down on the other end...Mosie has to rest up for his nightly getting put in time out. Any I was eating some popcorn and bit down and this horrible pain shoots thru I knew instantly my tooth broke. damn luck my dental insurance expired in October! Murphey's law..Actually just my luck...oh well have to call a dentist....maybe I can find one that will pull it and not charge me a lot!!! other than that I guess today hasn't been too bad.....I ran into a few people I know at walmart..that is where I see anybody!
guess I better close these and see if I have any good pain pills stashed somewhere!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

need to get back into this to relieve STRESS!!

This blogging should relieve stress, ya know get all the bitchin and complainin out so ya don't explode!!! And if you write it you aren't putting anyone in the line of fire and cause arguments, and make anyone mad, or hurt emotionally or physically(LOL)...
Any way we put our tree up over the weekend..A little later than usual because we have the kitten from hell and weren't sure we wanted to fight him till after Christmas. And sure enough devil kitty spends a lot of time locked up in Bogie's kennel for time out.. Which works maybe 20 minutes after he is out. Yesterday after picking up numerous Christmas balls, and took the angel down before she fell (which by the way still isn't back on the tree). Seriously thought about taking the tree back down. But the kid in me loves Christmas trees with lots of ornaments and lights..My husband could are less so he says. He just likes to hope everyone things he is scroogey but When we moved in to this bigger place last year he bought me a 7 foot tree because mine was a small 4 foot one that we had to have because our last place was so small.. anyway..back to evil kitty..
this morning I take Bogie out in the pouring rain to potty. And heard a crash from inside.. Thinking it was the tree. I waited for Bogie to finish and go back inside to find the tree up (surprise) and wondering what the crash was. looked around found a broken ornament from in middle of the night I suppose.. And my wandering jew plant laying on the floor surrounded in the dirt that was suppose to be in the flower pot...Cussing the evil one I gave Bogie his morning treat and cleaned up the mess. Found my newspaper soaking wet in the garbage. We have a new newspaper person who guess didn't look at the weather forecast...MY DAY IS GOING TO BE GREAT! any FREE TO GOOD HOME 1 CUTE ADORABLE KITTEN!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Well to day is my first day of unemployment, Well Friday was but I don't count it since I had worked every other day that week. And it was Halloween and who wants to be stuck in a factory working on Halloween!!!
Anyway I got up and went to the unemployment office, it was packed! I did see my friend Melissa who was finishing up and another friend Nancy and her husband.. Any way Technology is great! You don't have to talk to any one you just go find an empty computer and sign up! Things have changed a lot since last time I filed unemployment. At least you don't have to talk with someone who makes you feel like it is your fault you are laid off and you are taking their money! I have had that a feeling before...But anyway guess it is official now! I am UNEMPLOYED! I am another statisitc....Hey ya have to be something!

Another realization is that my husband who works third shift sleeps during the day so I need to stay pretty much on this schedule..If I do anything it will wake him and then he will have to see what I am doing you know cleaning is soooo interesting, and he will be grumpy.

And my dog Bogie who is use to sleeping with his Daddy all day is confused and sleepy because I am home. I should get my big ass up and take him for a walk now that I have no job. We both could use the exercise! That is a good plan for mornings I think...

For a different subject.. I just read snotheads blog and am so sorry that she had a bad day. I know what she feels..Everything reminds me of her Mom or that day she passed. But we are so lucky to have had her in our lives for the years we did. Miss her so much still tho..

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Ok...It has been awhile....But as it goes my bowl of pitts has been busy...I don't work 2nd shift any longer...because I no longer am employed...I was laid off after 4 years and 6 months...but maybe this is the cherry part...I will have time to venture out and find new avenues to take my life in a new direction!...I am going to go back to school as soon as figure out how to pay for it...that is my next plan check out grants and such...but first I am going to just hang out and be a house wife...My husband (Hank for all you that don't know him) bets that will last maybe 3 I have always worked and not much of a suzyhomemaker!..But I am so much older now I want to just hang out at home...anyway that is my plan...

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Year Gone Bye.......

I made it thru Friday...September 19th....One year ago that day I got the worst phone call of my life.....My Best Friend passed away.....It was horrible....It was a Wednesday and that weekend I was going to go back to Illinois to see her....It was something I had to do....As you can tell I waited a week too long!!!!...Please any one who has the feeling they NEED TO SEE SOMEONE THAT THEY LOVE NEXT WEEK PLEASE DON'T WAIT!!!!!!.......
Any way my daughter called me thru the day to make sure I was ok....Physically I was but emotionally a wreck....I dreaded work I just knew something would happen and I would have a melt down....I warned the people I work with so they would know just to let me Melt.....Luckily nothing happened.....I cried some.....And worked....I sent a text to the girls that I was thinking of them and missed everyone....Then I got one back from one that said they were at the gravesite drinking coffee and thinking of me too..Yeah I cried some more but it made me feel like a part of me was there too.......
I will always miss my friend she was a lunatic (to use her daughter description that fits...That is what we love about my dear friend) and her daughters have so much of her in them that it is good....But don't tell the oldest I don't want her to worry about being sane....LOL...It is ok it is the rest of the world not any of us!!!!!...Well I better quit rattling mmmm I miss that about my friend also...She was so AWESOME.....Crazy or Not....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2nd shift life sucks!

I work 2nd shift at a local factory..which means I have NO life other than work sleep work. Oh and I don't dare to plan anything on a weekend that is just a waste since my supervisor somehow knows I have plans and I am almost always mandatory to work on that Saturday. Yeah I know it is all a coincidence but this shift sucks..oh well I have a good paying job..rarely see my husband, hey we don't have time to not get along so we should be married forever! Not like my past marriages but that is definetly a whole other story..Me and my soap opera life...I know this is boring but hey I get to vent some how...
I do have great things in my life..Like my husband I think I remember what he looks like..I have 2 great kids who are grown and live away...another reason this shift sucks by the time I get off work Friday nite and sleep I still don't have time to visit them. I have 3 Grandkids. Not that I get to see them much either..But if I didn't have my job I couldn't afford to see them when I can... I won't even get into the price of Gasoline! At home I have a 2 and 1/2 year old spoiled dachshund, a old cat that we are guessing at about 12 to 13 years old..We adopted her from the pound and her age was guessed at 3 to 4 then and we have had her 9 years...Then there is the orphan kitten my husband brought home and told me not to get attatched to. So guess who got attached first. yeah it is his cat!. the kitten is approximately 7 weeks old now, and is a terror! The old Cat hates him and the dog is jealous. well enough of to sleep I go so I can go to work later today.