Monday, November 3, 2008


Well to day is my first day of unemployment, Well Friday was but I don't count it since I had worked every other day that week. And it was Halloween and who wants to be stuck in a factory working on Halloween!!!
Anyway I got up and went to the unemployment office, it was packed! I did see my friend Melissa who was finishing up and another friend Nancy and her husband.. Any way Technology is great! You don't have to talk to any one you just go find an empty computer and sign up! Things have changed a lot since last time I filed unemployment. At least you don't have to talk with someone who makes you feel like it is your fault you are laid off and you are taking their money! I have had that a feeling before...But anyway guess it is official now! I am UNEMPLOYED! I am another statisitc....Hey ya have to be something!

Another realization is that my husband who works third shift sleeps during the day so I need to stay pretty much on this schedule..If I do anything it will wake him and then he will have to see what I am doing you know cleaning is soooo interesting, and he will be grumpy.

And my dog Bogie who is use to sleeping with his Daddy all day is confused and sleepy because I am home. I should get my big ass up and take him for a walk now that I have no job. We both could use the exercise! That is a good plan for mornings I think...

For a different subject.. I just read snotheads blog and am so sorry that she had a bad day. I know what she feels..Everything reminds me of her Mom or that day she passed. But we are so lucky to have had her in our lives for the years we did. Miss her so much still tho..

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Ok...It has been awhile....But as it goes my bowl of pitts has been busy...I don't work 2nd shift any longer...because I no longer am employed...I was laid off after 4 years and 6 months...but maybe this is the cherry part...I will have time to venture out and find new avenues to take my life in a new direction!...I am going to go back to school as soon as figure out how to pay for it...that is my next plan check out grants and such...but first I am going to just hang out and be a house wife...My husband (Hank for all you that don't know him) bets that will last maybe 3 I have always worked and not much of a suzyhomemaker!..But I am so much older now I want to just hang out at home...anyway that is my plan...