Monday, December 15, 2008

It is Dec 15th already!!!

This month let alone the whole year is flying by! this was a pretty busy weekend.. Friday morning I called my dentist can't get in til Monday afternoon which is today well any way.. of course I go and he mentions root canal and a cap I said I have no insurance and he said we can pull it want to do it now...NO actually I want to wait 2 weeks so the pain is sooo bad and when I call i can't get in for 2 weeks more...DUH... So he gives me the shot to numb my lips nose tongue and the right side of my mouth...Then disappears for 1/2 hour... When he does show back up 15 minutes and 140 bucks later I am out the door..And my husband says do you want to go get something to eat..yeah right....MEN...Any way to get out of fixing him any thing I said we can go to Capt D's and take it home...Not that I felt like eating, but the thought of trying with a numb face and a gross bloody gauze in my mouth didn't sound like fun and I am sure no body would want to see that! Well any way Saturday was Hank's yearly safety award dinner. They have to attend or don't receive their bonuses. It is at the Elk's club at 11 am.. and NO BOOZE!! I know an Elk's club has to have a bar somewhere! Any we sit and listen to some guy on a video talk about the past year and coming year... Then they hand out the checks each person gets called up and gets theirs.(checks).. We were out of there about 2 pm...We had a nice evening after.. we went to Evansville and went to a few stores and wandered around and went to Texas Roadhouse which was packed we waited and hour for a table but oh well it isn't like we were in a hurry. It was a pretty good supper and the margaritas are soooooo good..Forgot my tooth hurt....Well I am just going on and on and have nothing to say so I am going to close this....Got good pain pills!!!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Murphey's Law strikes again

Ok I think it is Murphey's law..If it can go wrong it will!
First I go to Walmart to pick up a few Christmas presents for the Grandkids. I call my daughter to find out what the 6 year old would like. Well she tells a Hannah Montana doll...I could have swore ( and do ) that she said a Bratz head to do make up and hair.. I wander around looking for the Brat head. Of course they don't have one so I pick out one that has make up..Every 6 year old girl needs a bitch in training oh I mean Bratz doll ! I get home send a pic to my daughter and she replies that is Hannah looks like a Bratz...UGGGHHHH! Any way Alaceya is getting the Bratz doll!. My husband will wrap them later... He does a good job...
Then I am relaxing on the couch with Bogie next to me covered up and Mosie on the back behind me and Kitty down on the other end...Mosie has to rest up for his nightly getting put in time out. Any I was eating some popcorn and bit down and this horrible pain shoots thru I knew instantly my tooth broke. damn luck my dental insurance expired in October! Murphey's law..Actually just my luck...oh well have to call a dentist....maybe I can find one that will pull it and not charge me a lot!!! other than that I guess today hasn't been too bad.....I ran into a few people I know at walmart..that is where I see anybody!
guess I better close these and see if I have any good pain pills stashed somewhere!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

need to get back into this to relieve STRESS!!

This blogging should relieve stress, ya know get all the bitchin and complainin out so ya don't explode!!! And if you write it you aren't putting anyone in the line of fire and cause arguments, and make anyone mad, or hurt emotionally or physically(LOL)...
Any way we put our tree up over the weekend..A little later than usual because we have the kitten from hell and weren't sure we wanted to fight him till after Christmas. And sure enough devil kitty spends a lot of time locked up in Bogie's kennel for time out.. Which works maybe 20 minutes after he is out. Yesterday after picking up numerous Christmas balls, and took the angel down before she fell (which by the way still isn't back on the tree). Seriously thought about taking the tree back down. But the kid in me loves Christmas trees with lots of ornaments and lights..My husband could are less so he says. He just likes to hope everyone things he is scroogey but When we moved in to this bigger place last year he bought me a 7 foot tree because mine was a small 4 foot one that we had to have because our last place was so small.. anyway..back to evil kitty..
this morning I take Bogie out in the pouring rain to potty. And heard a crash from inside.. Thinking it was the tree. I waited for Bogie to finish and go back inside to find the tree up (surprise) and wondering what the crash was. looked around found a broken ornament from in middle of the night I suppose.. And my wandering jew plant laying on the floor surrounded in the dirt that was suppose to be in the flower pot...Cussing the evil one I gave Bogie his morning treat and cleaned up the mess. Found my newspaper soaking wet in the garbage. We have a new newspaper person who guess didn't look at the weather forecast...MY DAY IS GOING TO BE GREAT! any FREE TO GOOD HOME 1 CUTE ADORABLE KITTEN!