Monday, February 16, 2009

If There is a Will There is a Way

The duct tape, to my dismay didn't stop the evil one. He is very clever! He just goes over and around. Now if I had removed everything and completely covered the counter. But what would that point be? The things he gets into would be else where for him to get into. I guess I will give up and forget about my idea of having herbs growing in my kitchen. Although I am thinking that since the computer room has a door I can grow my rosemary, basil etc. in there. And since the room is small bet it would smell good!. I will just have to keep lots of disinfectant and papertowels on hand for the kitchen..Damn cat....OH WELL!

He doesn't know it yet but he is soon to be taken to the vet and will be neutered and declawed. I am not all for the declawing but our older cat is declawed and he likes to play with her and she has a hard time defending her self.

Good thing I am an animal loving person or he would have been out the door a long time ago! LOL...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Duct tape or Duck tape whatever

I have discovered 8" by 10" sheets of duct tape!!!! This is great I now have my kitchen counter top layered with the sticky side up.. No I am not trying a new decorating that isn't good... Any way the cute little kitten (the evil one) likes to get on my kitchen counters. He then digs in my plants that I have to keep up there because he thinks young plants are his snack. Now when that little shit jumps up there he is going to get a big surprise!!!!! So maybe I don't have to clean up dirt everyday and my plants my live....He may have already tried them out because I haven't had to chase him away from the counters. DUCT TAPE WHAT A GREAT INVENTION.....wonder what else I can use those sheets for gotta be hundreds and hundreds of uses.I will let ya know what I come up with.

I still haven't mastered the studying and school work yet. It seems I am always forgetting something. Oh well this is like my practice semester I will get it together next one, yeah right..

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The snow is melting!!!!

We decided to get out today and kinda ride around to see the mess the storm left.. Those utility crews have their hands full!!!! We say trees down everywhere. We didn't stay out too long didn't want to get in the way of anything. We saw many crews out and lots of people cleaning up their yards.

There were several military helicopters fly over today, probably going to the Hopkinsville, Madisonville area. They were hit real bad. The National Guard has been very busy helping also. All of these people deserve a special prayer. The have been working out in the cold and mess to get people to warm places and checking on people who wouldn't leave their homes. GOD BLESS ALL OF THESE PEOPLE THAT ARE DOING WHAT THEY CAN FOR EVERYONE!!!

We are suppose to have warmer weather, so the snow and ice left can melt. Then we can deal with the wet mess and river rising. but that is not as bad as what we had early this week. Things should be back to normal sometime later this week. And hopefully everyone will have the power back on and be safe.

Well better close this..Just wanted to get in a Thanks to all of the people that have been working in this mess.

Friday, January 30, 2009

I got out today....

I braved the roads and got out today. The only trouble I has was getting out on Adams St from Breckinridge. I thought I if I don't have to stop I will be ok. yeah would have been had to stop. I don't know why peoplehad to be coming down Adams they knew I had to get out . Any way Roger stopped and helped get us back on our way. Thanks Roger!!! He is a real nice guy. He is a nut but that made working around him a lot of fun. Ya never knew what he was going to do next. I don't think he did either! Ok back on finally getting out.
All of Henderson County was at Walmart. That made Hank bitchy. He hates going when they are busy. He thinks everyone is out to run him over. Well some of them maybe.... but oh well. I get my check every 2 weeks so I think I need to stock up on things for 2 weeks. His idea is if we have some at home we don't need it now. yeah but after I pay what bills I do, there is no money for things later. So get them now and I don't have to worry for 2 weeks...This is important for stuff like toilet paper, trash bags, laundry stuff etc... Guess I am the only person in the world that thinks this way. that is what he would like me to believe anyway.. Well I get aggravated because I ask him if he wants or needs anything and it is always no. I get aggravated and end up just getting what i know we need. So I have to back for groceries. I may just go to Sureway tomorrow alone..........Any way I got cat litter for the cats....And none toooo soon! And even bought an extra box!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another day of no classes..

Ok I had no class all week because of the weather. I would have rather had a break a little later in the semester but oh well. I have not gone anywhere. Hank cleaned off the truck but we did not attempt to take it out it this mess. We will probably try it tomorrow tho. Maybe. I think the main roads are ok during the day, the side roads aren't. Of course we live on a road that has never seen a plow the whole time it has been here. We are going to have to get out and get cat litter. of course we ran out today and with 2 cats not a good thing. So I will stock up on other items we are out of. We have been lucky we lost power for only 4 hours yesterday,there are people with out power for days and may be into next week. Well Bogie just relized I was doing something so he wants out. He is as bad as a kid.LOL More later...........

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day

The schools here are closed for the day. The public, private, the colleges etc. I feel like a jr.high kid SNOW DAY NO SCHOOL!!!!! I was up late last night re reading my english just knowing I could do it today. Since the sleet and freezing rain started 2 hours before it was suppose to. I listened to the scanner and cars where slidding off the roads, all over. There was black ice all over. My husband walked home from work this morning because the roads were to bad to get the truck out. He made it home faster than I could have thawed out the truck. Anyway I will have time to re reread the chapter. and get in some extra math! My two favorite subjects! Yeah right. Anyway I guess I need the extra time.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Getting my shit together!!!

I am vowing to get it together and not wait til the last minute to do homework. I am setting aside time Sunday and Monday for homework. And what I get done on Friday and Saturday are a bonus. I do appreciate the comments of my last blog. Believe me you Mom was here telling to get my shit together and get it done!.. I was having a bad week last week. Just one of those weeks I guess.. I need to meditate more. My Shakra is all out of whack. But I am working on that also.

It is amazing how my dearest friend is always with me when I know how busy she is with her family back home. But Spirits have ways of being everywhere when needed. I know she is . I am so thankful for that. And she makes sure her kids let me know what I need to.

I am still trying to figure this laptop out. It is pretty cool, but I don't adapt to new very well. I hate change of any kind really. but that is ok. I have a lot of that coming up!...Thank God for all my family and friends and friends that are family.

Well my dog and evil cat are napping so cute beside me and if I move to get the camera that will be the end of that. Damn it.... Ok figured out my camera on the laptop. Don't let it fool ya the cute little napping kitty is EVIL!!!!LOL

Hope ya all have a great weekend and good week upcoming. Be great if the weather would stay at about 50 to 60 degrees for a while!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hey it took a week and I am already putting off homework til last minute. I vow to do better. I guess I just have to get into a routine and take time EVERYDAY to do homework no matter what!!!! Ok that is my plan. Starting Friday since I have classes today and tomorrow. I really need to get into a routine after I am growed up people!!! I can do it just gotta get it in my fat head I am going to no matter what. My biggest problem is Eng. I don't like it anyway and I have to use microsoft word which I know nothing about. and I am taking Intro to computers but that isn't doing any good while I am taking Eng at the same time. oh well . I will get it together sometime! While I am on the homework subject I better go crack a book or something...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tomorrow is the first day of class in too many years!!!

Tomorrow I start my classes. I am not as anxious as I thought I would be. That may not be a good thing! It will probably sink in tonight when I go to bed and try to sleep at relative earlier than usual bedtime. I am excited about starting and have lots of encouragement from Friends and Relatives. The main thing that worries me is finances. We made too much last year and the year before to qualify for pell grants and such. I know I will have to find a job sooner or later. Being on unemployment it is required to look. And the unemployment won't last forever! But with God's will and my family and friends it will happen. May take longer than I would like, but as long as I get there!!!!! Well I am closing this as my husband is up and this is probably the last day before Friday I get to see him. More later!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

got my books!

I went to the college bookstore today. I was really excited about going, I love book stores! Well when I got there I was surprised and dissapointed it was so small. I thought I was going to get to look for a long time and was there and home in less than an hour. I remember Parkland bookstore being so big and having so much. Now I know why this one isn't open very long during the day. Oh well got my books. Guess it is getting closer to official! Tuesday will be here before I know it. oboy English and Math Yippeeeeee! ok enough more later. Bye ya all..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

officially a college people!

I went to what should have been quick and easy ( yeah what the hell was I thinking!) Any way I spend forever in line just to get a piece of paper and be told to go see my advisor who sent me to someone else and that office was small and beyond full! and of course 2 hours or so later I was out on my way down the hall to register my classes online myself. I thought that is what all those people were there for. ( again what was I thinking!) any way one of those people had to end up doing mine and many others. Glad I am not the only idiot going to college! hehehe. Of course the classes I wanted weren't available any more so I am taking Eng 102 since I didn't get that at Parkland. oh well. I have to take pre algebra OH BOY MATH!!! that is worse than Eng 102! and then I have to have a public speaking class. I don't do that well unless I am drinking don't think I will be though so we will have to see about this one! And I have to take a computer class so that is on my schedule also Intro to Computers. I tried that one at Parkland dropped it after 2 classes. The professors thought it was how computers work class. I don't care what is in the damn box I just want it to do what I want when I hit a key now! I start Tuesday. My classes are Tues Wed Thurs. so I will have Fri Sat and Sun to put off my home work till Monday! No not me I wouldn't do that. Well that is it for this I guess later!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I really thought I would be better at keeping up with this blogging..I mean I am not working I go no where at night any more. I only go in the day when I have to. So I have all this time. But nope I sit and flip the tv channels yell at and put the evil one in time out constantly. Oh I check my emails a couple times of day. That would be a good time to blog, huh? Nope gotta go play bookworm on my cell phone, hey at least I am using my brain!.. Anyway
Yesterday I joined weight watchers for the I don't have a clue how many times! I have gained 11 pounds since I was laid off. Actually I was surprised I thought it was more. Any way when my I put on jeans that used to be 2 sizes to big and they were fitting better that was it!!! Starting classes in a couple of weeks will help. I hope.
I am glad the holidays are over as many of you probably are. This year wasn't a good one for me I just couldn't get it together. Yeah like I ever had it together. any way it was worse this year. My husband's place of employment never lets them know ahead of time when they are working for the holidays, so we have to wait to make plans to go home to visit. Of course he got off at 6 am Dec 24th. So he showers loads the truck and we are off for the middle of Illinois. and of course he wasn't able to get his check til Friday. You all that live paycheck to paycheck can relate to that problem. any way we get on our way. We undecorated the tree the night before because of the evil one and we weren't going to be here anyway. The roads were great until we turn off of 57 to Champaign. we went from clear to ice covered. My truck sucks on ice even with sand bags in the back. I miss front wheel drive cars! So we go slow I have Hank call my daughter to see if she needs anything before we make it to her house. She needs cigarettes well she doesn't but she is an adult. So I stop at a convience store. An ice covered parking lot. carefully get in the store and back in the truck and start to turn the wrong way on a one way street. so had to go around the icy block. Make it to my daughter's the truck wont stay on her ice rink drive way so I park in the yard. The cops will see KY plates and just think I didnt know any better. We had Christmas with the Grankids and go to Gibson the next day. The roads are clear between the 2 but as soon as I hit GC ice covered roads. I slid to Mom and Dad's parked figured it would be stuck till the spring thaw. But I was able to make it to my sister's later where we stayed til Friday morning. Drive in a fog all the way to Indiana and it 70 degrees. oh well we got to spend Christmas with family and made it there and home safe. Only thing is I didn't get to visit anyone. but hopefully in the spring I can make a trip to see everyone. Well this should be enough for awhile...Later