Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another day of no classes..

Ok I had no class all week because of the weather. I would have rather had a break a little later in the semester but oh well. I have not gone anywhere. Hank cleaned off the truck but we did not attempt to take it out it this mess. We will probably try it tomorrow tho. Maybe. I think the main roads are ok during the day, the side roads aren't. Of course we live on a road that has never seen a plow the whole time it has been here. We are going to have to get out and get cat litter. of course we ran out today and with 2 cats not a good thing. So I will stock up on other items we are out of. We have been lucky we lost power for only 4 hours yesterday,there are people with out power for days and may be into next week. Well Bogie just relized I was doing something so he wants out. He is as bad as a kid.LOL More later...........


Snot Head said...

Ugh! That kind of sucks. It would have been nice later in the semester if you needed to catch up, but an entire week off just gets out of the groove. Glad the weather left us, but not so glad it went to you guys. Sorry, but don't lose focus! Maybe use this time to read ahead....haha.

Momma B said...

Enjoy your break, but don't lose your edge, lady!

I have heard that you are all in a real mess! I am really sorry! I know how awful it was when we went through it! I think we had it a little easier too?

Have a great day--as far as that goes!