Saturday, January 24, 2009

Getting my shit together!!!

I am vowing to get it together and not wait til the last minute to do homework. I am setting aside time Sunday and Monday for homework. And what I get done on Friday and Saturday are a bonus. I do appreciate the comments of my last blog. Believe me you Mom was here telling to get my shit together and get it done!.. I was having a bad week last week. Just one of those weeks I guess.. I need to meditate more. My Shakra is all out of whack. But I am working on that also.

It is amazing how my dearest friend is always with me when I know how busy she is with her family back home. But Spirits have ways of being everywhere when needed. I know she is . I am so thankful for that. And she makes sure her kids let me know what I need to.

I am still trying to figure this laptop out. It is pretty cool, but I don't adapt to new very well. I hate change of any kind really. but that is ok. I have a lot of that coming up!...Thank God for all my family and friends and friends that are family.

Well my dog and evil cat are napping so cute beside me and if I move to get the camera that will be the end of that. Damn it.... Ok figured out my camera on the laptop. Don't let it fool ya the cute little napping kitty is EVIL!!!!LOL

Hope ya all have a great weekend and good week upcoming. Be great if the weather would stay at about 50 to 60 degrees for a while!


Momma B said...

I am glad that you have devised a plan! Something tells me mom would be glad too! Good luck!

Snot Head said...

I have one of those devil kitties!! But she is lonely and has no one to harass or sleep next to all cute-like. Just keep planning ahead, lady. It will work out for the best. After Mom died, I started to accept change a little better because that was the biggest change I could have ever experienced at the time. I'm not 100% better, but it's a little easier now.