Friday, January 30, 2009

I got out today....

I braved the roads and got out today. The only trouble I has was getting out on Adams St from Breckinridge. I thought I if I don't have to stop I will be ok. yeah would have been had to stop. I don't know why peoplehad to be coming down Adams they knew I had to get out . Any way Roger stopped and helped get us back on our way. Thanks Roger!!! He is a real nice guy. He is a nut but that made working around him a lot of fun. Ya never knew what he was going to do next. I don't think he did either! Ok back on finally getting out.
All of Henderson County was at Walmart. That made Hank bitchy. He hates going when they are busy. He thinks everyone is out to run him over. Well some of them maybe.... but oh well. I get my check every 2 weeks so I think I need to stock up on things for 2 weeks. His idea is if we have some at home we don't need it now. yeah but after I pay what bills I do, there is no money for things later. So get them now and I don't have to worry for 2 weeks...This is important for stuff like toilet paper, trash bags, laundry stuff etc... Guess I am the only person in the world that thinks this way. that is what he would like me to believe anyway.. Well I get aggravated because I ask him if he wants or needs anything and it is always no. I get aggravated and end up just getting what i know we need. So I have to back for groceries. I may just go to Sureway tomorrow alone..........Any way I got cat litter for the cats....And none toooo soon! And even bought an extra box!!!!!!!!!

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Snot Head said...

That's thinking! You are not the only person like that, though. I do that all the time. I get paid every two weeks, and I buy groceries and everything two weeks at a time. We live pay check to pay check! How else does he think the world revolves? I am a lot like him, though too. Last week, I was so hormonal, and we went to Walmart. People kept cutting me off...Momma B knows the kind of people I am talking about too. The ones that think they can just run right through you because in their country people are packed like sardines and they are used to running people over to get where they want. One woman jerked her cart around me and I wasn't even in her way. I lost it then! I started flipping out about how people are so psychotic and rude acting like I was going to run her over when I was five feet away from her and what right did she have to take up the whole aisle anyway...I told you I was hormonal. Big T just listened. Stupid Walmart Junkies!! haha Too bad I am the daughter of one of those junkies...:)