Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day

The schools here are closed for the day. The public, private, the colleges etc. I feel like a jr.high kid SNOW DAY NO SCHOOL!!!!! I was up late last night re reading my english just knowing I could do it today. Since the sleet and freezing rain started 2 hours before it was suppose to. I listened to the scanner and cars where slidding off the roads, all over. There was black ice all over. My husband walked home from work this morning because the roads were to bad to get the truck out. He made it home faster than I could have thawed out the truck. Anyway I will have time to re reread the chapter. and get in some extra math! My two favorite subjects! Yeah right. Anyway I guess I need the extra time.


Momma B said...

Atleast you get an extra day to build up your confidence, right?!

Snot Head said...

It's funny how a snow day can bring out the inner child in you. It has been snowing this very light, beautiful snow her all day. Not enough to really build up, but enough to be pretty. Good luck on the homework today...it can be pretty easy to get distracted on a snow day. :)