Monday, February 16, 2009

If There is a Will There is a Way

The duct tape, to my dismay didn't stop the evil one. He is very clever! He just goes over and around. Now if I had removed everything and completely covered the counter. But what would that point be? The things he gets into would be else where for him to get into. I guess I will give up and forget about my idea of having herbs growing in my kitchen. Although I am thinking that since the computer room has a door I can grow my rosemary, basil etc. in there. And since the room is small bet it would smell good!. I will just have to keep lots of disinfectant and papertowels on hand for the kitchen..Damn cat....OH WELL!

He doesn't know it yet but he is soon to be taken to the vet and will be neutered and declawed. I am not all for the declawing but our older cat is declawed and he likes to play with her and she has a hard time defending her self.

Good thing I am an animal loving person or he would have been out the door a long time ago! LOL...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Duct tape or Duck tape whatever

I have discovered 8" by 10" sheets of duct tape!!!! This is great I now have my kitchen counter top layered with the sticky side up.. No I am not trying a new decorating that isn't good... Any way the cute little kitten (the evil one) likes to get on my kitchen counters. He then digs in my plants that I have to keep up there because he thinks young plants are his snack. Now when that little shit jumps up there he is going to get a big surprise!!!!! So maybe I don't have to clean up dirt everyday and my plants my live....He may have already tried them out because I haven't had to chase him away from the counters. DUCT TAPE WHAT A GREAT INVENTION.....wonder what else I can use those sheets for gotta be hundreds and hundreds of uses.I will let ya know what I come up with.

I still haven't mastered the studying and school work yet. It seems I am always forgetting something. Oh well this is like my practice semester I will get it together next one, yeah right..

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The snow is melting!!!!

We decided to get out today and kinda ride around to see the mess the storm left.. Those utility crews have their hands full!!!! We say trees down everywhere. We didn't stay out too long didn't want to get in the way of anything. We saw many crews out and lots of people cleaning up their yards.

There were several military helicopters fly over today, probably going to the Hopkinsville, Madisonville area. They were hit real bad. The National Guard has been very busy helping also. All of these people deserve a special prayer. The have been working out in the cold and mess to get people to warm places and checking on people who wouldn't leave their homes. GOD BLESS ALL OF THESE PEOPLE THAT ARE DOING WHAT THEY CAN FOR EVERYONE!!!

We are suppose to have warmer weather, so the snow and ice left can melt. Then we can deal with the wet mess and river rising. but that is not as bad as what we had early this week. Things should be back to normal sometime later this week. And hopefully everyone will have the power back on and be safe.

Well better close this..Just wanted to get in a Thanks to all of the people that have been working in this mess.