Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Duct tape or Duck tape whatever

I have discovered 8" by 10" sheets of duct tape!!!! This is great I now have my kitchen counter top layered with the sticky side up.. No I am not trying a new decorating that isn't good... Any way the cute little kitten (the evil one) likes to get on my kitchen counters. He then digs in my plants that I have to keep up there because he thinks young plants are his snack. Now when that little shit jumps up there he is going to get a big surprise!!!!! So maybe I don't have to clean up dirt everyday and my plants my live....He may have already tried them out because I haven't had to chase him away from the counters. DUCT TAPE WHAT A GREAT INVENTION.....wonder what else I can use those sheets for gotta be hundreds and hundreds of uses.I will let ya know what I come up with.

I still haven't mastered the studying and school work yet. It seems I am always forgetting something. Oh well this is like my practice semester I will get it together next one, yeah right..


Snot Head said...

Practice semester! haha You can't hurt me if I say the south has ruined you! Duct tape?! I have to say it is quite genius, though. Better get a patent on that. It will be spreading like hot cakes now that you've published it. If I could figure out a way to wrap it around my yarn to keep Lucifer out of it, I might try it out, too. Wonderful!

Momma B said...

Wow! I needed a laugh! How did you know?

That duct tape fiasco sounds positively hilarious!

So, how is school going?

Momma B said...

Nevermind! Silly me, I was so caught up in the duct tape that I missed the last few sentences!