Sunday, February 1, 2009

The snow is melting!!!!

We decided to get out today and kinda ride around to see the mess the storm left.. Those utility crews have their hands full!!!! We say trees down everywhere. We didn't stay out too long didn't want to get in the way of anything. We saw many crews out and lots of people cleaning up their yards.

There were several military helicopters fly over today, probably going to the Hopkinsville, Madisonville area. They were hit real bad. The National Guard has been very busy helping also. All of these people deserve a special prayer. The have been working out in the cold and mess to get people to warm places and checking on people who wouldn't leave their homes. GOD BLESS ALL OF THESE PEOPLE THAT ARE DOING WHAT THEY CAN FOR EVERYONE!!!

We are suppose to have warmer weather, so the snow and ice left can melt. Then we can deal with the wet mess and river rising. but that is not as bad as what we had early this week. Things should be back to normal sometime later this week. And hopefully everyone will have the power back on and be safe.

Well better close this..Just wanted to get in a Thanks to all of the people that have been working in this mess.

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Snot Head said...

I saw on the news this morning the crews working. They had a man on there, and his house had gotten down to 36 degrees while he was without electricity for five days. I can't imagine! It is great that people are really uniting to help, though. I'm glad you are ok!!